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       Company offers comfortable and bright Office environment, every Baxter employee every day in a relaxed Office environment to create its own miracle.



        Company attaches importance to cultivation of talents and innovation, to improve standards and quality of all company members, divided into different positions, different phases on a regular members, the system of training.



        Companies frequently organizing wonderful fun, outdoor activities, sports and tourism, enrich the spare life of employees, in which better reflects the Baster people unity and passion


    In order to embody the concept of humanized management and reflect the company's respect and care for employees, the company will celebrate every birthday to every employee, so that every employee can feel the warmth and care from his family.




     Best International Exhibition (Group) Company


    Address:  Room 1708,Block C,Poly World Trade Center, NO.1000 XinGang East Rd,GZ

    Tel: 0086-20-8961 7099

    Fax: 0086-20-8961 7161

    Website: www.www.ristoklint.com


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