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    Exhibitors how to select companies to present exhibitions


    Nowadays various kinds of exhibitions are numerous, many exhibitors don't know how to choose the right exhibition of this enterprise, the following several recommendations can serve as a reference for later choice of exhibition:1. According to the nature of the exhibition to selectExhibitions divided into trade and consumption of nature.Trade exhibition is the industry that is in the nature of manufacturing and commercial exhibition industry.Main purpose of the exhibition is to exchange information, to hold trade talks.Consumer exhibitions for the public exhibition of the nature, consuming nature of exhibitions are basically consumer goods aimed at direct sales.Nature decided by the organizers of the exhibition of the exhibition, can be reflected in the composition of visitors: exhibition is open to the business nature of trade exhibitions, exhibitions are open to the public consumption of nature exhibition.
    2. Press exhibition contents to selectExhibitions are divided into comprehensive exhibition and exhibition of two categories.Comprehensive exhibition including industry or industry-wide exhibition, also known as horizontal-type exhibitions, such as the industrial exhibition, exhibition of light industry.Professional exhibitions that showcase an industry or even a exhibition of a product, such as a watch and clock fair.One of the salient features of the professional exhibition is often at the same time the Organization of seminars, lectures, to introduce new products and new technology.3. In terms of exhibition size to selectExhibitions divided into international, national, regional, local exhibitions, as well as individual company's exclusive show.Size refers to the exhibitor and visitor region instead of exhibition venues size scale.Exhibitions of different sizes have different characteristics and advantages, should be selected in accordance with their own conditions and needs.
    4. Press date to selectMore exhibitions Division standard: two with regular and irregular.Regularly four times a year, twice a year, once a year, two years and so on.Do not show is held depending on the needs and conditions on a regular basis, both long-term and short-term.Long-term exhibitions can be three months, half a year, or even permanent, short-term exhibitions normally does not exceed one month.In developed countries, the professional trade fairs are generally for three days.5. In terms of exhibition venues to chooseMost of the exhibitions are held in an exclusive exhibition venue.Exhibition Hall is divided by indoor venues and outdoor venues.Indoor venue used for displaying regular exhibits of the exhibition, such as textile exhibition, electronic exhibition.Outdoor stadiums used for display of oversized overweight exhibits, such as aviation exhibition, exhibition of mining equipment.Exhibitions were held in rotation in several places known as a touring exhibition.


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