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    The exhibition, some things you must take


    When your company when you decide to participate in the exhibition, will certainly to be participating in the exhibition before doing a variety of preparations.Perhaps many of them intend to exhibit Enterprise for the first time.Then when you seriously planning exhibit strategies, budget funds, design a kiosk at the same time, prepare you in some small things have also been balanced on it?Below are a few small and less are we alert you when you are ready Exhibitor Kit don't forget to bring, and hope that your business can be more comfortably into the exhibition hall.

    Treasure box

    At exhibitions held in China, we are almost in each exhibitor's reception counter, I saw a small box or a small box, some made of plexiglass, plenty of paper pasted into, also made of iron sheets, and so on.Their side or says "please contact business cards", or "business card collection box" message.This Exhibitor in order to obtain more buyer contact information and will use the trick.After all, the opening hours of the exhibition are limited, booth space is small, so exhibitors are impossible with any one of the products of our company interested buyers face to face, spoke at length.Business card collection box has played a role of collecting customer resources.Exhibitors can after dismantling, classification of business cards, then classification based on business cards, put together out of potential customers, and then under business cards, contact by phone or email, consulting for the company's products to each other's views, and convince for its purchase, or agency.This is a way to show customer service and marketing products of positive behavior.

    Interposer board

    In the booth walls hidden places tend to have a small thing is essential.It is the power supply outlet.Fans, lighting, video, audio and other equipment that requires electricity requires a socket connection.When organizing dance activities for exhibitors, in particular when the show came out, no outlet will mean that there is no power, everything is impossible.For example: the most common is or its show intense or melodious music, let the music guide visitors to come;Some of the exhibits (such as computers, machine tools, electrical appliances, and so on) on-site features show.In addition, some booth established a rear projection TV play product videos, these need energy support.It can be seen, a power outlet is not enough, you must be brought on board, by Board can separate multiple jacks in order to meet your needs and, of course, electricity should follow the provisions of the exhibition, do not treat using sockets and the interposer board.


    Exhibitors if you choose tent products show, then, apart from within the tent's overall design, layout and cost budget, canopy temperature level of regulation is also to take note of.In reality, most of the tents can reach or warm or cool effects like Ballroom.Temperature how to adjust, increase or reduce the General is based on outdoor temperature, as well as of the time the visitors will stay in the tent of the length of time to decide.This way, you must prepare the thermometer for measuring according to the actual situation to regulate the temperature within the canopy.In addition, experts point out that: most of the tent can be maintained by using the fan canopy cool enough, this is better than using a portable air conditioning plant for high prices.Thermometer shows the temperature within the canopy height to determine the fan switch.Thermometer price is very cheap, generally not more than ten dollars.So you buy one with exhibitors, be prepared.


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