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    Ten benefits of participating in the exhibition


    Whether you and your leadership of how big is the size of the company, the exhibition gives you a very good business opportunity to exhibit is the most efficient way of marketing.1, low-cost contact cooperation customerCompany access to qualified customers, participation in the exhibition is the most efficient way.According to the survey, use of the exhibition with the customer's average cost for other ways to contact customers only costs 40%.2, low workload, high quality, high rate of signAfter the show access to qualified customers, fewer subsequent workload.Investigations revealed that the show's intention to reach customers, enterprises need to give each other 1.8 on average only a phone call you can make transactions.In contrast, typical of normal business sales is 7.8 telephone to complete;At the same time, customers who visited the exhibition and exhibitors of all orders, 54% lists do not need personal follow up visit.3, get acquainted with a large number of potential customersStudies have shown that average access to an exhibitor booth as the base and only 12% in the 12 months before the exhibition received a call from the company's sales;88% to new potential customers, and the exhibition for exhibitors bring a high level of new customers.For the company's product and services, visitors of the exhibition 49% is planning to purchase those products and services.

    4, competitive advantage--shows imagination and strengthFor exhibitors of the exhibition shows its strength provides an opportunity in front of competitors.Through trained booth staff, active before exhibition and exhibition of promotional and attractive stand design, the competitiveness of participating companies can become glamorous.Moreover, visitors of the exhibition will also use this opportunity to compare various exhibitors.Therefore, the exhibition is a good opportunity for exhibitors displaying its image and strength.5, time-saving effortOver the course of three days, exhibitors contacts to potential customers of intent than their 6 month or 1 year access to more number of customers;More important is that face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important means of quickly establishing a stable customer relations.6, good customer relationshipCustomer relationship is a hot topic in many companies, the exhibition is well good place to existing customer relationships.Exhibitors can express gratitude to customers in the following ways: warm hospitality, latest product information, company gifts, one-on-one dinner and other special services, and so on.

    7, hands-on teaching customers to try the product or serviceEnterprise sales opportunities to carry products visit the demo does.Exhibitors of the exhibition to show potential customers to centralize product or service the best time and the best place.  8, competitive analysisThe exhibition provides an opportunity to study on the competitive landscape, this opportunity is immeasurable.Here, take advantage of competitors products, pricing, and marketing strategies, such as information, helps you develop enterprise short-term and long-term planning.9, expand business impactMost of the show usually attracts media attention, using media outreach is the exhibitors a unique opportunity.10, product and service market researchExhibitions provide a critical opportunity to conduct market research.If exhibitors are considering launching a new product or a new service, you can investigate to visitors at the exhibition, aware of their price, functionality, quality and service requirements.


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