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    Development status and prospect analysis of Convention and e…


    Summary: as an emerging industry development of Convention and exhibition industry will be at the beginning of a huge opportunity, but what is undeniable is that it also faces enormous challenges on all fronts, in particular for developing countries.Therefore, recognizing the international exhibition industry development present situation and the development trend, learn about the latest developments, can be provided for the development of China's exhibition industry experience, reduced to grope around obstacles, in favour of China's exhibition industry to draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, achieving sustained, rapid and sound development.


     Best International Exhibition (Group) Company


    Address:  Room 1708,Block C,Poly World Trade Center, NO.1000 XinGang East Rd,GZ

    Tel: 0086-20-8961 7099

    Fax: 0086-20-8961 7161

    Website: www.www.ristoklint.com


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