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    Successful exhibition is the best image of city ambassadors


    Summary: successful exhibition is definitely a city best ambassadors.This fact, and wonderful interpretation was made by many of the world's cities.Successful exhibition is definitely a city best ambassadors.This fact, and wonderful interpretation was made by many of the world's cities.Those who had successful city to host the Olympic Games, not to mention, cite an example Casino up IT the Holy Land, I believe it will make many people feel incredible.In many people's eyes, is just a materialistic Casino in Las Vegas, but many people don't know that in the past 30 years, there also is the IT industry's holy sites.In 1979, the casinos in hengxieerdun in order to attract people, started a computer dealer Expo in Las Vegas, the show referred to as Comdex.At that time, IT was a small industry, active was a group of hairs head boy.In 1983, the 28-year old Bill Gates made public speeches in the General Assembly for the first time there were no concerns.However, only ten years, this group hair head kid man who had become the world's most commercial power, and Comdex has changed from a technical exhibition of the IT industry's annual pilgrimage, until the closure of the exhibition in 2005.

    From a global perspective, there are two successful exhibitions, a natural influential exhibitions, such as the Olympic Games, World Expo, Asian Games, this show impact, but the bid is difficult, city, inadequate size, strength, it is difficult to share this block in turn power the great cake.There is also a rely on the city's own strength and big exhibitions, exhibition started may be small initially, but by virtue of the city spend effect of eventually becoming the world exhibition, and as mentioned earlier Comdex exhibition, like Germany's Frankfurt book fair, all fall within this category.From influence, comes quick show influence of the former, but the latter show's more lasting influence, more solid.In the development of Shenzhen, said the vision, said to be lucky or locked China high-tech fair and Expo early this two-international trade fair, described as a genius in the history of Shenzhen City.Hold this major exhibition, first reflects the skill of card in Shenzhen, Shenzhen is reflected after the strength of bigger and stronger.After the China high-tech fair and Expo held, did not know how many provinces and cities nationwide to launch a similar exhibition, however, have successfully stuck in Shenzhen, and ran faster and faster, other similar exhibitions, it is hard to surpass.Once the exhibition has been international influence, it not only can directly expand the city fame, also can bring the city's advantages and expertise to get more attention and more wide-spread.Take the Frankfurt book fair, for example, because of a successful book fair, a lot of people know that, out in the 15th century, the first printed edition of the Bible here, since the 16th century, Frankfurt is Germany's most important book trade site.There is no book fair, who cares about the cold knowledge?Similarly, because Shenzhen has two major exhibitions, many people in the world know China's Shenzhen, know the speed of Shenzhen development as fast as a fly, is even more important, they know of Shenzhen high-tech industry and the development of cultural industry in momentum is cool, look at these two industries in China, in Shenzhen on the line.Of course, from our current circumstances, both scale of the exhibition has achieved the international standard, but also need to further enhance the impact of the exhibition.We should not only be good at big more to good strong spot, there are several attractive highlights, concern about China's latest achievements of science and technology and industry achievements of people not see is not available.To do this, China high-tech fair, Expo of the two city ambassadors we can go to the world.


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